The seminar “Communicators for better communication” took place in Information Center on NATO and EU

On May 6-7, Information Centre on NATO and EU hosted a two-day seminar “Communicators for better communication”, which provided for discussions on Georgia’s European integration with the representatives of public relations units of administrations of governors/state representatives in Georgia’s regions.

The seminar was opened by the director of the NATO/EU Information Center Nino Bolkvadze.

“The similar coordination seminar with this particular group has been organized for the first time. Needless to say, we have an excellent communication with the governors and mayors of the self-governance bodies. Experts is the primary target audience of the seminar, aimed at improvement of the working process. This is the reason we decided to invite communication specialists, whom during these two days we will explain all the important issues related to the euro integration process. We will also touch upon the issues of the importance of strategic communication, Russian propaganda and how to deal with these threats by means of communication”- Nino Bolkvadze stressed during her meeting with the journalists.


Regional representatives of the NATO/EU Information Center also participated in the seminar.


During a two-day seminar the participants listened to the reports on such important issues of Georgia’s European integration as: the importance of the society’s engagement into the integration process, the priorities of the Georgian foreign policy, ways of combatting hybrid war and anti-western propaganda, visa-free travel, DCFTA and agriculture, the importance of strategic communication. The new initiative of the EU, presentation “Mayors for the economic growth” was shown during the seminar.